Vietnam National IPv6 event sucessfully hosted on May 31st 2012 (Jun 1st 2012)

The National IPv6 event of Vietnam with the theme of  “IPv6 – Application and Technology for Vietnam” was successfully organized in Hanoi on 31st-May and 01st-June-2012 with more than 360 international and local participants. The purpose of this event is to improve the awareness of local community about the IPv6 deployment, especially among the ISPs as well as mobile phone services providers, according to the National Action Plan on IPv6 promulgated by the Minister of  Information and Communication on 29th-Mar-2011.

Furthermore, the event held timely with the preparation for the world event on IPv6 on 06th June 2012 called "World IPv6 Launch" was considered as a practical action of Vietnam in response to the big event of the world. Through the event, local ISPs and Telecom Providers learned a lot from IPv6 deployment experiences from the leading service providers in the world. The government organizations and agencies had a good chance to access to information, technology trends and actual deployment of IPv6 in the other countries, in the region and all over the world.

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