Vietnam ranks the third in South East Asia in Internet development (Aug 15th 2012)

Everyone can access to Internet easily and conveniently anywhere and anytime. All modern technologies have been applied in Vietnam, from 3G to satellite, fiber optic cable with low charges. The percentage of people using Internet services has been increasing rapidly. Many social networks have appeared with millions of members. All the factors can serve as clear evidences showing that Vietnamese people now can enjoy the latest technological inventions of the humans, and that the Internet service development in Vietnam is in no way inferior to developed countries in the world.


Le Nam Thang, Deputy Minister of Information and Communication stated at a recent meeting with the Vietnam Internet Association’s (VIA) and VNNIC that Vietnam now was in the top 3 in South East Asia, after Singapore and Malaysia in terms of infrastructure and Internet-based services. Meanwhile, Vietnam should have equal terms, or even advantages over Thailand and Indonesia in some sectors. "In 2011, when I paid working visits to some European, North American and Asian countries, I found out that Internet services there were not ready everywhere, from home, offices to public places like in Vietnam,” Mr Le Nam Thang said.

However, Mr Le Nam Thang mentioned that some problems still existed, including the safety, information security, the service quality and the undiversified contents.

Sharing the same view with Mr Thang, Mai Liem Truc, former Deputy Minister of Post and Telematics affirmed that Vietnam would be in no way inferior to developed countries in the world. Mr Truc said all the most advanced technologies had been utilized in Vietnam, from 3G, 4G to optic fiber cable or satellite. Regarding the popularity of the services, Mr Truc mentioned that Vietnam could be on the same level with other countries. Meanwhile, Internet and telecommunication charges in Vietnam were the cheapest in the world. “You will not be able to access wifi Internet in a convenient way and enjoy the low charges elsewhere in the world, except Vietnam” Mr Truc added.

Source: ICT news