Principles of registration, complaint settlement and domain name disputes resolution policy for ".VN"

1. General principles for dot VN registration:

- Registration shall be made at domain name ".VN" registrars on the principle of equality and non-discrimination, "first come, first served" basis.

- Vietnam country code domain names ".VN" are not governed by the Law on Intellectual Property. Sequences of characters or characters presenting trademarks, brand names, product marks and service marks, copyright and work titles are not eligible for online protection if they have not yet been registered in domain names, even if registration has been made for protection in reality.

- Domain names presenting the names of Party organizations and state agencies shall be reserved only for these Party organizations and state agencies. Party organizations and state agencies shall make registration with VNNIC for reservation and protection. Other organizations and individuals must not register and use these domain names.

2. Complaint settlement:

When having technical complaints about the registration, allocation and maintenance of ".VN" domain names, related parties shall send written complaints to respective domain name ".VN" registrar for consideration and settlement. Complaints about the registration, allocation and maintenance of Internet addresses and ASNs shall be addressed to VNNIC for settlement. When receiving these complaints, relevant domain name ".VN" registrar and VNNIC shall consider and settle them in accordance with current provisions of law.

3. Domain name disputes resolution:

Disputes arising in civil or commercial relations concerning the use of domain names of organizations or individuals shall be settled by the methods prescribed in Article 76 of the Law on Information Technology: negotiation and conciliation; arbitration; or lawsuit at court.

Conclusion:  According to current applicable laws and regulation on ".VN" management:

a) VNNIC does not take any responsibilities to reserve the names for any individuals or organizations, except the names belonging to the Party  organizations and State agencies.

b) Registrant is requested to contact directly to the respective registrar for complaint settlement.

c) All ".VN" domain name disputes are resolved according to the methods further defined in Decree 72/2013/NĐ-CP dated 15/7/2015 by the Prime Minister