Registration and renewal process of C.A and operational email account

The registration and renewal process of certificate authority (C.A) and operational email account:

  1. Registration of C.A and operational email accounts:

After a registrar is acredited by VNNIC, it must immediately register the first C.A including the C.A for online accounts of  domain name “.vn” operations and the C.A for email accounts to conduct business transactions with VNNIC.

To register the initial C.A and operational email accounts, the registrar must fill in the C.A registration form and sends to VNNIC via official dispatch. The email addresses provided by the registrar in this form are operational email addresses that the registrar registers with VNNIC for usage in “.vn” domain name management via email.

VNNIC will perform the initial certification and transfer to registrars (with delivery records) materials including: (1) a CD recording C.A, instruction document and (2) password for C.A.

Registrar must use, manage and have responsibility with the C.A issued for usage in business transactions with VNNIC.

  1. Renewal of C.A

Term of effect: The newly issued C.A takes effect within 02 years from granted date. The registrar should implement the renewal as soon as possible and take responsibilities for discontinuation of “.vn” domain name operations due to failure of C.A renewal.

Renewal: 15 days before the expiration, registrars must complete the renewal form and send to VNNIC via official dispatch & simultaneously send a scan to the email address

Within three working days from the date of receiving the written request for renewal of C.A, VNNIC will renew and sends registrars a new C.A via the email registered in the renewal form.

After getting a new C.A, registrars should install and check the operational status of the granted C.A. Then registrars should report via e-mail about the state of C.A.

 In case an error occurs, the C.A is lost, compromised password,…registrars must immediately notify the Public Relations Department of VNNIC via phone and email ( to handle timely.

  1. Changing operational email address

In order to change the operational email address, registrars must send dispatch to VNNIC to unsubscribe the old operational email as well as to propose revocation of the C.A issued to that email. If you want to register your C.A for new professional email addresses to replace the recalled email address, registrars must complete the C.A registration form and send to VNNIC via official dispatch & simultaneously send a scan to the email address