Registrar Accreditation

I. Application document:

The applying organization must submit to VNNIC the document to prove its capacity and competence with the following information. Missing any required information below may lead to the objection of the whole document.

     1. Company legal document:





 Business registration:.

 Notarized copy


 ICANN accredited registrar certificate or license

      2. Finance and Business capacity:


 Financial capacity:

  • Audited Financial reports (3 recent years).


 Dot VN Business plan:


 2.1. Information/ document to be provided to prove the feasible plan for dot VN, including:

  • Budget plan for .VN development.
  • Market and the distribution system
  • Long-term and stable service and plan for .VN
  • Plan and explanations to reach the minimum new registration per year of 1500 domain for 1st 12 months and the growth rate for the next following years must be minimum 25%. (4 years plan to be required)



 2.2. Experience:

  • Company profile in domain industry.

     3. Technical capacity:





 To have full technical capacity to provide .VN registration services

- Technical infrastructure: place, area (m2), server room…

- Internet connection: number, type of connection.

- IP and ASN used for DNS.

- Network structure: diagram, equipment…

- Security system: Firewall, IPS/IDP/UTM …

- Monitoring system: traffic, transaction, logfile, warning…

- Database system.

- Backup/ DR system.


 Available or feasible plan to build up software system, DB for .VN

- Registration and billing system for .VN

- Customer/ client panel

-Registrar panel

- Online payment (if any)

- Backup and DR for .VN

- Solution for stable and secure operation of the software system.

- Ability to connect to VNNIC system to provide .VN services


 Available DNS or DNS to be built up for .VN.

- Minimum 01 Primary DNS and 01 Secondary DNS to manage domain name information. To clarify the number of domain/IP, DNS software, OS using or to be used.

- Solution for the stable and security of server system

- Monitoring system for DNS

- Solution for updating domain information from DB to DNS.

- Availability to upgrade DNS according to VNNIC’s upgrade  (DNSSEC, IPv6, v.v...)


 Ability to connect to VNNIC system for .VN transaction.

- Solution to connect to VNNIC system according to VNNIC’s  available criteria and security for the connection.


 Available or feasible plan to build up system to synchronize the resource records of .VN of registrar’s to VNNIC’s system

- Solution to build 01 DNS to synchronize and from the only DNS to synchronize all resource records of .VN managed by registrar to VNNIC’s system; security solution for that synchronization process

- System diagram

- Operation principles

- Synchronization frequency

- Synchronization frequency with VNNIC system.


 Solution to protect VNNIC from the outside attack via Registrar system.

-Solution to protect VNNIC from the outside attack via Registrar   system.

- Solution when hacker using Registrar system to attack VNNIC system.

- Solution to recover the DNS managing .VN.


 Solution to secure, backup and recover the database

- Security for database and domain management system.

- Backup and DB recovery

- Backup frequency.

- Ability, duration to recover the DB when having the trouble.

- DR ability (if any)


 Technical persons to deal with the management, technical support requirements, including DNS requirement, to ensure the stable and continual operation of domain name.

- Minimum 2 technical persons

- Detail contact of technical persons.

-24x7 technical support.

The above document must be made into 04 copies with at least 01 original or notarized copy and sent directly to VNNIC postal mail address.

II. Accreditation progress:

The accreditation progress includes following steps:

Step 1: Reviewing application document

Step 2: VNNIC to provide detailed guidance document about:

  • Overview about “.VN” management model: management policy, technical & registration system, billing.
  • Regulations on ”.VN” management and transactions with VNNIC

Step 3: Discussion and exchanging information

VNNIC and the applying organization will have further discussion or meeting to clarify or exchange the information of each side via communication system. In some case, VNNIC requires a direct meeting.

Step 4: Exam and Acceptance test

VNNIC will carry out an exam and acceptance test to ensure that the applying organization to understand “.VN” regulations and VNNIC’s guidance (about Technical capacity, knowledge about .VN management policy)

Step 5: Trial connection to VNNIC system

VNNIC will provide a trial interface for the applying organization to test some practical case and connection with VNNIC system.

Step 6: Signing contract

After completing the above steps, VNNIC and the applying organization will enter in a Registrar Contract.