IDN .VN reaches 1 million domain milestone (25/08/2014)

On the occasion of the 1 million Vietnamese domain name (IDN .VN) milestone, Vietnam Internet Network Information Center (VNNIC) organized the event “Celebration of the 1 million Vietnamese domain names” on August 25th 2014, at the presence of Mr. Le Nam Thang, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Information and Communications .

"Celebration of the 1 million Vietnamese domain name" event

IDN .VN development process was associated with VNNIC research project in 2003 in order to promote the Vietnamese language on the Internet. On 28th April 2011, the free of charge registration period started, marking a marvelous breakthrough with more than 114 thousands IDNs registered in the first week and 736.076 domains in the first year. This milestone of 1 million IDNs reflects the interest and anticipation of the public, as well as the potential development of Vietnamese domain names in the market and the status of Vietnam in the global Internet map.

Mr. Tran Minh Tan, Deputy Director General of VNNIC, speaking at the event

With the advantage of clarity, Vietnamese domain names such as tấmlòngcaocả.vn, anviê, dựánkhuđôthị, tưvấnđịachínhmiễnphí.vn, 1001loà, báo-tuổi-trẻ, nhà-đấ, bưởihồlô.vn; nhà bring about a native environment for Vietnamese Internet users, beside promoting the brand names and images of Vietnamese enterprises. Today, banners and advertisements with IDN .VN can be seen more on the street, like chợđiệntử.vn, phởcuố tranhthêuchữthậpđẹ, tranhthêutríđứ, siêuthịngànhnướ, phườngđạimỗ.vn, hộpcơmvănphò, đệmđiệ, vémá, thuêxecổchụpả, máymaygiađì, vănphòngtưvấnxklđ.vn….

In order to facilitate the usage of IDN .VN, VNNIC and HI-TEK (DOT VN INC.,), the strategic partner in IDN project, have provided the free services for  IDN .Vn including Web Redirect, Web Template, DNS Hosting, DNS Delegate. With a large online community and a growing number of social networks, IDN .VN is expected to have a promising future of development when the commitment of VNNIC to continue the research and complete the framework of policy and technical support for IDN really comes into life.

Mr. Le Nam Thang, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Information and Communications speaking at the event

Mr. Le Nam Thang said at the event “We really welcome the effort of VNNIC and HI-TEK (DOT VN INC.,) in the development of IDN .VN in Vietnam. 1 million is such a significant milestone that we highly appreciate and consider it as an opportunity to promote Vietnam’s production to the global Internet with native Vietnamese content”. He added “In the future, VNNIC must evaluate the achievements of IDN .VN during the period 2011 – 2015, set up the development plan for upcoming years, and resolve several issues including the registration fee for IDNs with the purpose of preventing speculation of domain names”.

On this occasion also, VNNIC awarded the certificate of merit to the organizational and individual registrants of IDN .VN with outstanding contribution to the development of IDN .VN in recent years, as follows:


Domain names




Công ty du lịch khoang xanh suối tiên



Đảng ủy Phường Đại Mỗ, Nam Từ Liêm, Hà Nội



Tạp chí Lao động và Xã hội



Công ty TNHH ASEL Việt Nam



Hoàng Mai Chung



Lương Thành

VNNIC's representatives with certificates of merit for Vietnamese domain names (IDN .VN) registrants

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