VNNIC's main tasks and powers

On 28th April 2000, Vietnam Internet Network Information Center (VNNIC) was established under the Authority of Posts according to the Decision No. 372/QĐ-TCBĐ with the purposes of “strengthen the management of Internet in general, including systematic and planned modernization and specialization of the Internet resource management activity, promoting the fair use among enterprises and integration into the global and regional Internet, in accordance with international standards”.

  • Allocating, assigning, suspending, revoking Internet addresses (IP) and Autonomous System Number (ASN) at national level; inspecting, supervising the allocation, registration, and use of IP, ASN by organizations and individuals;
  • Managing the registration of use and suspension, revocation and withdrawal of “.vn” domain names and other domains assigned to Vietnam by international Internet organizations via VNNIC.
  • Establishing, managing and operating the national Domain Name System (DNS) servers, Vietnam Internet Exchange (VNIX); participating in the implementation of technologies related to Internet resources and IP;
  • Selecting and signing contract with “.vn” domain name Registrar; promoting the registration and use of “.vn”;
  • Receiving reports, managing domain information and monitoring activities of providing registration, renewal service and use of domain names assigned to Vietnam;
  • Collecting, managing and using the fees of registration and use of Internet resources in accordance of regulations;
  • Training and improving the professional knowledge on internet resources under the assignment of the Minster of MIC;
  • Executing the international cooperation in the backup operation of “.vn” domain system; registering and managing Vietnam’s Internet resources with international institutions; promoting the Internet in Vietnam;
  • Collaborating with authorities in the execution and inspection of orders by MIC towards the international domain name registrars in Vietnam, ISP, in order to prevent the distribution of international domain names with Vietnamese law infringing websites;
  • Securing the protection of the national DNS, VNIX;
  • Providing related services to Internet resources, IT and participating in appropriate activities.