IDN .VN under inspection to release to available status if not in use (01/5/2016)

In Sep 2014, the milestone of 1 million IDN Vietnamese domain names was reached, bringing about such an uproar in promotion and advertisement of this special kind of domain names in Vietnam. However, since then, at no time has the service using rate of those domain passed the mark of 25%, despite the fact that all four major services have been provided to IDN .VN registrants without fee including web direct, web template, DNS hosting and DNS delegate.

The usage rate of IDN .VN was so low under expectation that the Ministry of Information and Communications decided to make a move not to waste the Internet resources. Starting from 10/2014 to 5/2015, the first round of IDN .VN inspection and release to available status was executed by Vietnam Internet Network Information Center (VNNIC) with more than 180,000 domain names were withdrawn from registrants based on the date of registrations. Those domains were only registered and not put to use with any of the above services.

Previously, IDN .VN domain names had no expiry date so they would last forever without being used. However, this long-lasting existence has no longer been valid since May 2015, as VNNIC already provided the renewal function to registrants so that they could easily renew their domain names for one year each time. This function led to the second round of IDN .VN inspection and release to available status from March 2016 with about 200,000 domain names in the potential list. Those are the domain names which haven’t been used and renewed by registrants since May 2015.

By 1/5/2016, 953,112 IDN .VN was registered in the system.