The National IPv6 Action Plan amended (29/10/2014)

On October 20th 2014, the Ministry of  Information and Communication (MIC) of Vietnam had just announced the official amendment to the National IPv6 Action Plan which was promulgated in March 2011 to determine the objectives and specific roadmap for the transition to IPv6 in Vietnam.

After 3 years of execution, the Action Plan has proved to significantly improve the public awareness of IPv6 deployment in Vietnam, with major achievements by ISPs and CSPs. However, there are still several drawbacks including the low IPv6 traffic and lack of IPv6 existence in real life technologies and equipment. Both the IPv6 dissemination and exploitation need more exposed than what is actually promoted now.

In order to improve the situation and enhance the impacts of the Action Plan, the Vietnam IPv6 Task Force (VNIPv6TF) has made some amendments, such as: adding more online newspapers, online portals and social networks, .VN registrars, gTLD domestic registrars, software companies, and network equipment providers to the objects of the plan, with the respective tasks of each group in the rest phases of the Action Plan till 2019. Accordingly, though adopting the plan later than major ISPs, these above objects will be expected to finish the IPv6 transition by 2019, the deadline of the National IPv6 Action Plan.