Registrar ".vn" license granted to GMO - RUNSYSTEM (Nov 10th 2012)

On October 11th 2012, Viet Nam Internet Network Information Center (VNNIC) granted GMO – RUNSYSTEM, a subsidiary of GMO Internet Corporation, Japan, a license to provide domain name dot vn (.vn) services on the website

In the ceremony, VNNIC Director General Hoang Minh Cuong said that the two parties had spent nearly one year on evaluation and negotiation in order to achieve the accreditation of GMO as a domain name “.vn” registrar. VNNIC highly appreciated the potential growth of in Vietnamese market, as a consequence of the preparation, competence and commitment of the company, as well as the support of GMO Internet Japan.

According to GMO’s market research, Vietnamese people would spend on average 130 minutes per day on the Internet, of which 90% for news, 70% for music, and only 24% for e-commerce. Regarding those results, affirmed GMO Runsystem Director Nguyen Van Tau that the company would pay much attention to the development and expansion of domain name “.vn” in the long run. Any domain name registration with would be secured with a legal protection, technical support, easy process and useful tools of search and promotion…

After 6 months of testing, has had 5.000 domain names, including 1.200 domain names “.vn”.

On the occasion of its official launching, is offering a special sale promotion: when registering domain name “.vn”, customers will get a 20% discount, 2 free domain names “.net” and 1.200 MB hosting package in 6 months.