Viet Nam IPv6 Task Force worked with ISPs to encourage IPv6 deployment in Viet Nam (December 2017)

Following from the National IPv6 Action Plan in 2017, with the aim to increase the IPv6 application development in Viet Nam and continuously encourage ISPs to provide IPv6 services to their customers, Viet Nam IPv6 Task Force (VNIPv6TF) worked with major local ISPs including Viettel, VNPT and FPT Online. on 6th December 2017, Mr. Pham Hong Hai, Minister of Information and Communications had visited and engaged with Viettel.

IPv6 adoption rate in Viet Nam rose considerably in 2017. According to APNIC statistics, by October 2017, IPv6 adoption rate in Viet Nam reached about 10% (almost 4.3 million IPv6 users), standing at the third place in the ASEAN region (after Malaysia and Thailand), the fifth in Asia (after India, Japan, Malaysia and Thailand). This achievement was primarily contributed by the continuous efforts of FPT, VNPT to provide IPv6 services.

- VNPT committed to transitioning to IPv6 and achieved great result in its IPv6 deployment journey. By November 2017, VNPT has deployed IPv6 for about 673,000 FTTH subscribers in 43 provinces and cities. International traffic over IPv6 climbed from 0.05% in January 2017 to 6% at the end of November 2017 (about 1,771,111 IPv6 users). For traffic exchange with other local ISPs, VNPT enabled IPv6 peering connection with VNIX, FPT and Viettel. Peering traffic over IPv6 was about 760Gbps and domestic traffic over IPv6 was about 221 Gbps.

VNIPv6TF worked with VNPT on 6th December, 2017

- About Viettel’s IPv6 status, in 2017, Viettel completed both network infrastructure and experiment activities in providing IPv6 services (FTTH and 4G LTE). By November 2017, Viettel has provided IPv6 services for 5,150 FTTH customers. Total domestic traffic over IPv4 & IPv6 was 300Gbps and international traffic was 700Gbps. Viettel enabled IPv6 peering connection with FPT, VNPT and connected with 14 partners via IPv4/IPv6 dual stack. Viettel plan to provide IPv6 services to one million mobile users and  1.5 million ADSL users in 2018.

Viettel's representative reported on their IPv6 deployment result in 2017

- In the content area, VnExpress (FPT Online) was the first to move their main content page to IPv6 with 14 Websites successfully transitioned, including the main Website Domestic IPv6 traffic reached 8.55% while international traffic reached 10% with 2,931,000 users accessing over IPv6 per day.

VNIPv6TF worked with VnExpress (FPT Online) on 8th December, 2017

To get better results in IPv6 deployment, VNIPv6TF encouraged ISPs to plan for implementation of IPv6 with a goal to meet the requirements of National IPv6 Action Plan in 2018. Here are the important objectives:

- Complete IPv6 deployment for internal infrastructure, including staff Wi-Fi, computers and IT services. Enable IPv6 on all ISP Websites, both internet and external,  and apply for IPv6 WWW Logo from IPv6 Forum.

- Provide IPv6 services for customers on ADSL, FTTH, 4G LTE, and especially for government authorities.

- Produce IoT software applications and devices to support IPv6.

- Continuously strengthen awareness among in local ISPs as well as customers about IPv6.

As leading ISPs in Internet and mobile services in Viet Nam, VNPT and Viettel are expected to make significant changes in IPv6 deployment to provide better services for their customers and to encourage other ISPs to deploy IPv6.

We congratulate VNPT, Viettel and FPT Online for their contribution to IPv6 deployment and hope for more great IPv6 deployment achievements in Viet Nam in the years to come.