Viet Nam’s IPv6 adoption rate ranked the first place in ASEAN and the fifth in the world

According to six-month task report from Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC), ICT sector will be a fundamental element of digital transformation, help to improve the development of Internet in Viet Nam and national ranking in the world. One of most significant achievements from the report is Viet Nam has global ranking of the fifth in IPv6 deployment with the adoption rate of 38,98%.

IPv6 use in Viet Nam as 31 June 2019 (source:

Global trend in emerging IPv6 for sustainable development of Internet

IPv6, the next generation of the Internet protocol, was developed to meet the demand of the growth of Internet and provide several advantages over the current protocol (IPv4) which is almost running out of addresses globally. IPv6 is an optimized protocol for 4G/LTE, 5G networks and offers many benefits to IoT development and infrastructure.

In Viet Nam, the IPv6 transition in networks, services, applications, software is an evolution that ensures Internet resources capacity and security requirements to support digital transformation and development of e-government and smart cities services. According to APNIC statistics, Viet Nam’s IPv6 adoption rate has increased by 15% during the first six months of 2019 and exceeds 39.41% as 31 June 2019. Currently, more than 17 million Internet users in Viet Nam are connecting via IPv6, an increase of more than 50% from this time last year. The result has boosted Viet Nam to the first place in terms of in terms of IPv6 capability in South East Asia, the second place in Asia and the fifth place in the world (after India, America, Belgium and Germany). This great achievement not only reflects the evolution of Internet in Viet Nam but also shows the views on emerging new technologies to develop secure and sustainable Internet.

ISPs and Mobile Providers has driven IPv6 adoption in Viet Nam

IPv6 services and applications have been widespread in Viet Nam thanks to the efforts of several leading Internet enterprises towards deploying IPv6 in FTTH and mobile networks. According to APNIC’s statistics, Viettel Telecom Group (Viettel) is leading deployment of IPv6 in Viet Nam. They have provided IPv6 services for 4.2 million FTTH users and 7.6 million mobile users, boosting their IPv6 adoption rate to 53.28%. The IPv6 capacity of other drivers including Vietnam Post and Telecommunication Group (VNPT), Mobifone Corporation (Mobifone), FPT Telecom Joint Stock Company (FPT Telecom) are 39.25%, 37.40% and 30.11%, respectively. Viettel, VNPT and Mobifone are now preparing to deploy IPv6 in 5G network and transit their network to IPv6-only one.

For content, cloud, IDC and Hosting area, there have been some noteworthy adopters, including Saigontourist Cable Television Co Ltd, CMC Telecom, NetNam Cooperation, etc.

A significant change in IPv6 deployment amongst government agencies, turning awareness into action

During the first six months of 2019, VietNam National IPv6 Task Force (IPv6TF) had conducted several training workshops on IPv6 deployment for almost all of Departments of Information and Communications in Viet Nam. Thanks to these continuous effort and support from VNIPv6TF and ISPs in Viet Nam, many agencies have successfully converted their IT systems, electronic information portals and online public services to IPv6. As of May, there were more than 34 electronic portals under the domain name operating with IPv6. This achievement will definitely help to develop secure and privacy-preserving e-government and smart cities networks in Viet Nam.

Accomplishing Viet Nam National IPv6 Action Plan in 2019 to achieve a target goal of ensuring the stable operation of Viet Nam Internet within IPv6 technology

The continuous growth in IPv6 adoption in Viet Nam is a promising sign that shows Viet Nam is ready to adopt new technologies to advance the national development of Internet. As Viet Nam National IPv6 Action Plan is coming to a head in 2019, government agencies and content providers in Viet Nam should finalize their IPv6 implement plan and begin the transition to keep up with the use of IPv6 in Viet Nam. VietNam Internet Network Information Center (VNNIC) – the Standing Task Force on the promotion of National IPv6 will continue to facilitate more activities to help government partners on awareness and capacity development projects around IPv6 via its IPv6 for Gov program, ensuring secure network infrastructure over an IPv6 backbone.