Vietnam officially becomes ICANN’s member (22th November 2013)

ICANN – a non – profit organization coordinating the domain name and Internet address on a global scale - is implementing a number of policies relating to the domain name and IP address, which directly influence the countries all around the world including Vietnam. In the ICANN’s organizational structure, country code Name Supporting Organization - ccNSO is one of 07 affiliated organizations established in 2003, which directly supports ICANN in developing policy based on opinion of the members relating to the country code domain name problem. ccNSO currently has 144 members which are management units of the country code domain name.

 On 20th November 2013, Vietnam officially became the 143th  member of ccNSO. Vietnam Internet Network Information Center (VNNIC) – country code domain name “.vn” management affiliation – delegated by Ministry of Information and Communications on behalf of Vietnam to participate as member of ccNSO. The official membership of ccNSO will help Vietnam participate in research process, construct ICANN relating to Internet resources and timely propose comments protecting national interests.

 The more deeply involved in the activities and general organization of ICANN is necessary for Vietnam, especially when ICANN is implementing important policies for the new TLDs. Joining ccNSO is Vietnam’s target in order to enhance international cooperation, enhance the position of Vietnam as well as create opportunities and possibilities to protect its national interests through country code policy management.

 Reference on ICANN Website, as follows: