.VN fees reduced from 01/01/2017

Under the Circular No. 208/2016/TT-BTC by Ministry of Finance (MOF) which was issued to replace Circular No. 189/2010/TT-BTC enacted in 2010, from January 1, 2017, the registration fee and maintenance charge for national domain names “.vn” will be collected at new rates. MOF has lowered the fee for registering and using the ‘.vn’ domain names in order to make the ccTLD more competitive with international domain names like ‘.com’ or ".net".

Under current regulations, registration agents must not collect higher fees than stipulated in the MOF fee frame. The money collected must be transferred to VNNIC and agents will receive commissions of no more than 30 percent. But from January 1, 2017, the fees will be different. Registration agents won’t receive commissions, but can set up domain registration and maintenance fees higher than stipulated to cover expenses and make profits. However, the fees must not be higher than the ceiling levels.

Therefore, the fees for ‘.vn’ domain name stipulated in Circular 208 are close to, or even lower, than the fees for international domain names such as ‘.com’ or ‘.net’.

As for,,, the registration fee will reduce from 16USD to less than 10USD, while maintenance fee will reduce from 16USD to more than 11USD. Besides, the registration fee and annual maintenance charge for the popular domain names, including,,,,,, and, and administrative boundary-based domain names will fall from current less than 10USD to less than 6USD and 7USD, respectively.

The annual maintenance charges will be approximately 2000USD, 500USD and 16USD applicable to second-level domain names consisting of one character, those consisting of two characters and other second-level domain names, respectively.