VNIPv6TF held meeting to summarize IPv6 deployment result in 2017 (January 16th 2018)

With the aim to continuously increase the IPv6 application development in Viet Nam, on January 16th 2018, Viet Nam IPv6 Task Force (VNIPv6TF) had hold the meeting to summarize IPv6 deployment result in 2017 and make a plan for 2018. The meeting, moderated by Mr. Pham Hong Hai, Deputy Minister of Ministry of Information and Communications, was well-attended by members of the VNIPv6TF, the representatives of ICT authorities, ISPs, “.VN” Registrars and ones of press media in Ha Noi. 

Following up the National IPv6 Action Plan in 2017, thanks to the engagement of VNIPv6TF and the efforts of ISPs to provide IPv6 services to customers, there was a significant growth in IPv6 deployment in Viet Nam that makes Viet Nam become one of leading countries in IPv6 deployment in Asia. Mr. Pham Hong Hai specially appricated the contribution of VNPT, FPT Telecom and FPT Online. 

As the report on IPv6 deployment result shared by the representative of Viet Nam Internet Network Information (VNNIC), by the end of 2017, IPv6 adoption rate in Viet Nam reached about 10% (almost 4 million IPv6 users), rose by 200% compared to the same period in 2016. Acording to APNIC statistics, Viet Nam is standing at the third place in the ASEAN region and the fifth in Asia in IPv6 deployment. 

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thu Thuy delivered reports on IPv6 deployment in 2017 in Viet Nam

In FTTH area, VNPT had achieved great result in its IPv6 deployment journey in 2017 with more than 700,000 FTTH subcribers in 43 provinces and cities. VNPT also completed experiment in providing IPv6 for 4G LTE service and enabled IPv6 on 26 Websites. International traffic over IPv6 of VNPT climbed from 0.03% in January 2017 to almost 6% by the end of 2017. 

FPT Telecom is continuously giving an impulse to provide IPv6 services to their customers. They had deployed IPv6 for about 1 million residential customers. According to APNIC statistics, international traffic over IPv6 of FPT Telecom reached about 34% by the end of 2017. 

In the content area, according to VNNIC statistics, the number of Websites registered “.VN” domain name which are enabled IPv6 increased considerably to 4 thousands Websites which is 40 times more than that at the same period in 2016. FPT Online is the piooner in this field to complete their IPv6 deployment plan 2 years sooner than what was commited in the National IPv6 Action Plan in 2017. FPT Online had transitioned all content Websites to IPv6, including VnExpress, the most read online newspaper in Viet Nam with 2,931,000 users accessing over IPv6 per day. Domestic IPv6 traffic of  VnExpress rose signicantly to 8.55% while international traffic reached 27% (the average internationl traffic was about 10%). 

To compliment enterprises for their contribution to IPv6 deployemnt in 2017, Mr. Pham Hong Hai presented Ministry of Information and Communications Award to VNPT Technology – VNPT, VNPT Net – VNPT, Technical Center – FPT Online and Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Son, Head of Technical of FPT Online. In conlusion, he encouraged VNIPv6TF, government authorities, ISPs and other enterprises to follow up the National IPv6 Action Plan in 2018, specially  to provide IPv6 services for government authorities, customers on FTTH and 4G LTE. To enterprises, they should produce software applications and devices to support IPv6 and continuously promote IPv6 services to customers. To gorvernment authorities, they should strengthen awareness among in ISPs as well as customers about IPv6 by implementing development policies and orgainzing training workshops. Mr. Pham Hong Hai also emphasized that Viet Nam would be more active in international organizations and forums to promote worldwide IPv6 deployment. It is expected that IPv6 adoption rate in Viet Nam will reach 20% by the end of 2018.