VNIX-NOG 2019 - A great opportunity to discuss peering and DNS operational issues in Viet Nam

VNIX-NOG 2019  conference will take place on 23 August 2019 in Nha Trang City, Viet Nam with the aim to discuss contents along the theme of Peering & DNS. This year, there will be a pre-conference workshop on RPKI on 22 August 2019.

RPKI Workshop jointly collaborated by VNNIC, JPNIC and APNIC

RPKI (Resource Public Key Infrastructure), a specialized PKI framework designed to secure the Internet’s routing infrastructure, is now widely adopted around the world. Vietnam Internet Network Information Center (VNNIC) will collaborate with JPNIC, APNIC to conduct a RPKI workshop on 22 August 2019 with the aim to promote RPKI deployment in Viet Nam. The workshop focuses on hands-on labs that can assist technical staffs with deployments within their networks or datacenter.

Peer and discuss DNS operational issues at VNIX-NOG 2019

VNIX Network Operators Group Conference (VNIX-NOG Conference), an annual event organized by Vietnam Internet Network Information Center (VNNIC) since 2016, has become an important technical forum for Viet Nam Internet Community. The conference provides both an opportunity to exchange technical information, interact frequently with local and international experts, and thereby foster greater collaboration to improve the overall Internet ecosystem in Viet Nam.

Someone had said the Internet is nothing more than a collection of individual networks. In the meantime of digital transformation in Viet Nam, with the aim to enable interconnection and allow traffic to flow efficiently and cleanly, VNIX-NOG will focus on contents along the theme of Peering and DNS.

Above the hardware layer, Internet Exchange Point (IX) will also be a major subject of discussion within the VNIX-NOG community. This is a great opportunity for face-to-face discussions of the essential role of IXP in the development of Internet in Viet Nam, specially there have been some changes in the policy of management of IX in Viet Nam. The tentatve agenda is posted on the event website

The organizer of VNIX-NOG 2019 Conference is now seeking for speakers and contents that suit technical theme of sessions. We also encourage enterprises to sponsor for the event. Sponsorship revenue will significantly help increase the quality of conference experience and bring the widest possible range of local participants. If you are interested to support, contact for sponsorship and papers submitting as follows:

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