VNNIC and APNIC discuss about management of IP address (May 5th 2013)

On 5th May 2013, in Ho Chi Minh City, Asian Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC) had a meeting with Vietnam Internet Network Information Centre (VNNIC), to discuss on the management of IP address and corporation to push the development of IPv6.

At the meeting, Mr.Sanjaya – Senior Director of Services and Operations and Ms. Miwa Fuji – Expert IPv6 of APNIC shared updated information about the shortage of IPv4 and IPv6 deployment all over the world and in Asian Pacific area.  Deploying IPv6 would be more and more expected in many countries, and so would the output of IPv6 in the global Internet. However, the content applications on IPv6 in many countries including Vietnam was still weak, while many content providers had not officially started deploying applications on the IPv6.

Mr. Tran Minh Tan, Deputy Director of VNNIC, showed the sincere thankfulness to APNIC for assisting and participating in activities deploying IPv6 in Vietnam held by VNNIC. On this occation, VNNIC also shared some major achievements of deploying IPv6 in Vietnam, including the recognization of May 6th as “Vietnam IPv6 Day”. Especially, on the occation of “Vietnam IPv6 Day” this year, on 06/05/2013, VNNIC with 06 major ISPs in the country (VNPT,Viettel, FPT Telecom, NetNam, VTC, SPT) would officially together deploy IPv6 and develop the National IPv6 Network, in the ceremony of “Vietnam IPv6 Launch”.

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