VNNIC held VNIX-NOG 2018 Confernece on 24 August in Danang City, Viet Nam

With the aim to create an opportunity for Viet Nam Internet community to exchange technical information, interact frequently with local and international experts in the issues of network operation and management, Internet breakdown, traffic and network connectivity, VNNIC held VNIX-NOG 2018 conference on August 24th, 2018 in Danang City, Viet Nam.

Following the success of VNIX-NOG in 2016 and in 2017, the conference this year brought together many professionals from biggest ISPs in Viet Nam (VNPT, FPT Telecom, Viettel, NetNam, etc.), Viet Nam’s Internet Exchange members, content and network equipment providers (Facebook, Cloudflare), regional and international organizations (APNIC, ISOC, JPNIC) and other interested groups. The main topic was Routing Security.

The Industrial Revolution 4.0 and the era of IoT have led to the expansion of network and the explosion of Internet connection with a giant number of connected devices, which makes network systems become more increasingly complex and set challenges in network operation and management, specially in routing security. In 2017, the world faced nearly 14,000 incidents which caused large-scale internet disruption. One of the most recent BGP hijacking events happened in August, 2018 when Google accidentally leaked BGP prefixes, hitting Japanese users, slowing or blocking access to websites and online services for various Japanese companies in hours.

In order to have explanation for those incidents, VNIX-NOG 2018 focused on Routing Security matters to find causes and solutions to prevent BGP hijacking. Besides some solutions like BGPsec protocol, limiting AS_PATH in announced prefixes, limiting the maximum prefixes, etc., the Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) is one of the most concerned solutions that is designed to secure the Internet’s routing infrastructure by providing a way to connect Internet number resource information to a trust anchor.

At the conference, the experts from international organizations (APNIC, ISOC, JPNIC) and from data center/content providers had presentations about routing management solutions to against hijacks/leaks. It will be a great chance for the attendees to discuss and learn from their experience to deploy RPKI as well as other solutions for their ISPs in Viet Nam.

The conference also focused on contents around Internet security, transmission, peering, emerging technologies such as Big Data, VXLAN, IPv6 and  IoT solutions.

The agenda was updated on the website