VNNIC launched new logo

Internet has entered the next phase of development with the transition to IPv6 Internet and emerging IoT, 5G networks. Digital transformation is essential for sustainable development of all Internet players. As a National Network Information Center, VNNIC shall proactively take initiatives to play leading role for the innovation of Internet core infrastructures, Internet resources, new protocols and online services in Viet Nam..

With a very strategic approach, we are proud to announce that we have launched the brand new corporate logo as part of the ongoing evolution of VNNIC. This new logo change is valid from November 2020.

Download VNNIC new logo here

The meaning of new logo

VNNIC’s new logo not only preserve the classic design, but also cherished our traditional values and upgrade them to new ones with new visual identity and great recognition that helps to display much more what VNNIC stands for and pursue on a next journey: Internet for all.

VNNIC’s new brand logo is still designed in a horizontal format, shaped by the globe with stylized dots which is a symbol for Internet of Things (IoT) and digital network, representing the next generation of Internet and one interconnected world.

The highlight is “VN” designed in a big blue dot which stands for Viet Nam and a National Internet Center (NIC) .VN. The “VN” is deduced by abstracting the gate connecting to the world, reflecting our desire to be a pioneer in the sector, to integrate within global Internet ecosystem towards community’s benefits..

For the color, the red global is inspired from the the color on Viet Nam’s flag, evoking a positive excitement, enthusiasm, energy and success. Meanwhile, blue is referred as an iconic color for high technology with characters of modernism, energy, safety and trust.

The combination of red and blue help to tell our story: integrate to global digital transformation but still keep our unique good values. The new logo is formed by 28 rounds symbolizing for the establishment date of VNNIC which is 28 April 2000.

In the spirit of rebranding, we also present logo set of VNNIC’s main services with the desire to ensure our brand incredibility. 


Logo set of VNNIC's main services  

.VN domain logo

Download here

IP Logo

Download here

ASN Logo

Download here

.VN DNS Logo

Download here


Download here

Internet Speed Logo

Download here

VNNIC Internet Academy Logo

Download here

VNNIC Internet Atlas Logo

Download here