VNNIC organizes the training course “Certified Network Programmer CNP6” (07/05/2014)

Following the success of the IPv6 events in 2012 in Hanoi and 2013 in Hochiminh city, Vietnam IPv6Task Force (IPv6TF) decided to organize the events to celebrate the Vietnam IPv6 Day 2014, including the conference “IPv6 Showcase” on May 06th 2014 and a training course on IPv6 programming named “Certified Network Programmer IPv6” from  May 05th to May 07th.

Mr. Tran Minh Tan, Deputy Director General of VNNIC, introduced the course

The training course “Certified Network Programmer CNP6” is an advanced course aimed at the engineers and programmers of ISP and content providers in Vietnam in order to provide deeper understanding of IPv6 network programming and testing. The course covers topics such as socket API, IPv4 vs. IPv6 programming in C/C++ and Visual C#.NET, with focus on the differences in IPv6 programming from traditional network programming. With the participation of 19 attendees from major IT enterprises such as VNPT, VIETTEL, VDC, BKAV, NETNAM..., the course was considered to be of such great importance in improving the practice of deploying IPv6 in Internet services and contents among those organizations.

The trainers of this training course are experts from the National Advanced IPv6 Centre (NAv6), University of Science, Malaysia, which provides IPv6 training courses that are globally recognized and has been the foundation for today’s IPv6 Global Forum IPv6 Certified courses. NAv6 is an active member of the IPv6 Global Forum’s Education Logo Program and pioneer in providing dedicated course in area of IPv6.

On May 6th 2014, Vietnam Internet Network Information Center (VNNIC) – Standing Committee for Vietnam IPv6 Task Force hosted the Conference “IPv6 Showcase”, on behalf of Ministry of Information and Communications, at JW Marriott Hotel, Hanoi, with the participation of approximately 300 representatives from MIC, IPv6TF, local authorities and the IT sector, policy makers, equipment and service providers.

Some photos from the course: