VNNIC publishes the report on Vietnam Internet resources of 2012 (Feb 5th 2013)

Recently, VNNIC just published the “Report on Vietnam Internet Resources 2012”, summarizing the development of the Internet resources of Vietnam since 1997.

It is reported in the “Report on Vietnam Internet resources 2012”, as follows:

  • As of the end of the 3rd quarter of 2012, the number of Vietnam’s internet users reached 31,196,878, accounting for 35.49% of the population. In terms of internet population, Vietnam ranks 18th  in the world’s top 20 countries, 8th place in Asia and 3rd place in ASEAN.
  • During the period of 1997-2012, along with the development of the Internet in Vietnam, Internet resources have also grown considerably. As for ccTld “.vn”, the number of domain reached 225,970 by October 2012, becoming the largest ccTld in Asean in in term of registration. The number of IPv4 addresses in Vietnam reached 15,549,184 in the mean time.
  • The current management structure of “.vn” is based on registry – registrar model, with 17 “.vn” accredited registrars (12 domestic and 05 oversea ones).
  • Vietnam National IPv6 Action Plan was promulgated by the Minister of Information and Communications on March 29th 2011, determining the objectives and specific roadmap for a transition of IPv6 in Vietnam. As for October 2012, there are 64,426 IPv6 addresses allocated in Vietnam.

Details could be found in the report here