VNNIC publishes the Report on Vietnam Internet Resources 2013 (04th December 2013)

On the occasion of “Internet Day 2013” on 04th December 2013, Vietnam Internet Network Information Center (VNNIC) officially announced the publication of the Report on Internet Resources 2013. The report provided the Internet community with information and in-depth data analysis about the growth and development of Internet resources (including “.vn” country code top level domain (ccTLD), IP addresses) and other information about the network infrastructure, which brought about an overview on general Internet development in Vietnam.

The report provided an update on the important events of the Internet in Vietnam in 2013, one of which was the official Vietnam IPv6 Launch at the conference “Vietnam IPv6 Day” on May 6th 2013. The conference was attended by approximately 500 representatives from local authorities and the IT sector, policy makers, international experts, equipment and service providers.  On this day, the National IPv6 network was officially launched, with the Ministry of Information & Communications, the National IPv6 Task Force and VNNIC to be the first agencies to deploy IPv6 on their official websites. As of November 2013, there were 34 Vietnamese agencies, organizations, businesses deploying IPv6. The resources and critical Internet infrastructure of Vietnam were ready for the migration of IPv4 into simultaneously supporting IPv4 and IPv6 according to the plan of the National IPv6 Task Force; basically, Vietnam had achieved the proposed objectives: ending Phase 1 and deploying Phase 2 of the National IPv6 Action Plan.

Besides the information about the Internet resources were the introduction and statistics of the National Domain Name System (DNS) and Vietnam National Internet eXchange (VNIX) – an important part of the technical infrastructure supporting the general development  of the Internet in Vietnam.

Year 2013 was also an important milestone of Vietnam’s Internet integration as Vietnam officially became a member of Country Code Names Supporting Organisation (ccNSO) of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) on 20th November 2013. ccNSO, one of the 07 supporting organizations of ICANN, supports ICANN in building global policy relating to country code domain name problem and based on members’ opinions. VNNIC was authorized by Ministry of Information and Communications to become a member of ccNSO.

For more details, please refer to the Report on Internet Resources 2013.