Vietnamese Domain Name is type of IDNs under ccTLD .VN.  This domain name space development progress was associated with VNNIC research project on the application of Vietnamese language in domain name system in order to promote the Vietnamese language on the Internet.

          IDNs.VN did not really attract users in its initial period. From the official launch in March 2007 to the end of December 2010, only 3,532 IDN.VN domain name was registered.

          The free of charge registration period starting from Apr 28th 2011 marked a booming registration period. Within 04 months from Apr 28th 2011 to Aug 2011, the number of registered IDN.VN domain names reached 360,357 which doubled the amount of ASCII “.vn” ccTLDs registered in the previous 11 years. By Sep 2014, there were 1,015,701 IDN.VN registered in the system. According to the World Report on Internationalised Domain Names 2014 published by EURid, this milestone of 1 million IDN.VN marked the first ranking position of Viet Nam with the largest number of IDN registrations, reflecting the interest and anticipation of the public, as well as the potential development of IDN.VN.

          Differ from ASCII .VN domain name which follow the typical registry-registrar model, Vietnamese domain name is now under VNNIC management of both registry and registrar functions.

          There are currently 4 types of services freely provided for IDN “.vn”:

-      Web redirect.

-      Web template.

-      DNS hosting.

-      Delegating DNS.

          Focused on the promotion of real use of IDN to prevent the waste of internet resources. Since Oct 2014, besides the continuous promotion of the free services (Web Direct, Web Template, DNS Hosting, DNS Delegation), VNNIC also executed the program of filtering and revoking IDNs registered without real use with more than hundred thousand of domain names were revoked. In addition, VNNIC has provided the service of auto-renewal for registrant to actively renew their registrations.